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5 Delicious Traditional Breakfast For Winter: in Bangladesh

Winter morning breakfast in Bangladesh

Winter is my favourite season. In winter, the weather remains cold; I like to cover me with a blanket so much in the morning. I also want to eat different types of breakfasts in the winter morning and love to eat a traditional breakfast for winter. There are various winter breakfast ideas, which will help you to prepare the dish in winter season.

I rush to my mom and tell her, “Please cook khichuri or pitha(cakes) for me  on breakfast!” I think you all also do the same thing! I like to eat ancient breakfast for winter, as I want to preserve my tradition. Today I am going to write about some traditional breakfasts for winter morning that you like to take. 

Traditional Breakfast For Winter

Khichuri as winter morning breakfast


Khichuri is a very delicious and famous dish. It’s my favourite breakfast dish for a winter morning. You can eat Khichuri with achar, vorta /fried egg, chicken, or beef curry.

I love khichuri with beef curry. It’s such yummy food. You can also cook vegetable khichuri by mixing pulse, rice with various types of seasonal vegetables. Khichuri is also a healthy food for your health. It helps to produce energy in the body and keeps you energetic the whole day.

Bakarkhani Bakarkhani of dhaka

Bakarkhani is another popular food on breakfast, especially at old Dhaka. Bakarkhani used to be preserved for its royal history in the past. You can take this as a traditional breakfast.

It got this name after a tragic love story between Aga Bakar and Khani Begum.  Bakarkhani is a famous flat type bread made from flour mixed with ghee, cardamom, sugar and as well as nuts. Traditionally baked pulp inside an oven specially made for tandoor,  bread is often mixed with seeds of sesame.

It has a soft crust on the external side, while the texture on the internal side is tender and cracking. People love to eat Bakar Khani with tea. It’s delicious food. Nowadays, it’s also a popular breakfast item at the new Dhaka. You can include this dish for winter, breakfast in a fine winter morning and makes your morning beautiful. 

Pitha or rice cake 

Bhapa pitha or rice cake

Pitha is my favourite dish and it can be one of the winter breakfast ideas. I love vapa pitha mostly. People love to eat various types of pithas, like vapa, patisapta, puli, chitoi, etc. Bangladeshi people love to eat pitha mainly in the morning as breakfast or in the evening as snacks. 

The aroma and vapor of freshly made pithas or rice cakes attract me so much. Pithas are also the pride of our country. Pithas are traditional foods in Bangladesh. You can add this as a breakfast dish for winter.

Luchi and Chola Daal

Luchi daal

Luchi is a traditional Bengali style deep-fried puffed bread made using flour. Luchi alu dum is a classic Bengali combination, and it also pairs beautifully with Chola daal. 

Luchi with daal one of my favorite breakfasts in the winter season. Freshly made luchi with hot spicy daal makes my tongue sweat. People love to eat luchi daal mainly evening as snacks, but you can try it as winter breakfast.

Paratha with beef or chicken jhaal fry

Paratha Beef


Paratha is another traditional food also in our country. Paratha with beef curry or with chicken jhaal fry, make a fantastic taste. You can make paratha with alu also, which is known as alu paratha.

It can also be an ideal breakfast for your winter morning. Paratha with beef curry or chicken jhaal fry can fill your tummy satisfactorily! It can be your winter morning food. It is another best option as winter breakfast.

So, Breakfast helps you to gain energy for whole day. We should take breakfast properly. Traditional breakfast can be the supply of energy for the winter season. I hope you will like my winter breakfast ideas.

These can be your traditional breakfast for winter. I love to eat these dishes so much. Cook these dishes and eat. Happy eating! 



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