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Traditional Bangladeshi Foods For New Year’s Eve Celebration

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2019 is almost ending, 2020 is coming with new hope. It’s a fresh start for everyone! We celebrate new year’s eve by taking various non-traditional and western foods. But we can welcome the new year and enjoy the new year’s eve with our traditional Bangladeshi foods.  

By this, we can also hold out tradition, our culture. Traditional Bangladeshi foods for new year eve celebration. There are various types of new year’s food traditions around the world. Traditional foods you can eat on new year’s eve! These foods can be added to new year’s eve family dinner ideas and the best new year eve foods also!

Traditional Bangladeshi Foods For New Year’s Eve Celebration

Today I am going to write about 4 traditional new year eve foods.

Kacchi Biryani

kacchi biriyani traditional foods of dhaka

The first must have a traditional dish is kacchi biriyani. Kacchi biriyani undoubtedly one of the most famous traditional foods.  We eat kacchi on various occasions such as marriage ceremony, anniversary. You can also take it on new year’s eve and celebrate. 

Kacchi can be one of the new year’s eve traditional foods also. It is a royal dish and holds the tradition of our country.



We eat khichuri only when the weather is cold or in the rainy season. Why? You can also have this delicious dish on new year eve and celebrate. Khichuri is really tasty food. You can prepare this dish so easily and quickly.

It is made from a mixture of pulse and rice.  It can be one of the new year eve foods. Khichuri with beef bhuna or khichuri with spicy chicken or BBQ chicken is so much delicious. You can take achaar with khichuri if you want to add more taste to have it! khichuri must have traditional foods on new year eve,new year eve foods


Naan or Paratha with Kabab

Naan or flatbread with kabab is another famous dish. Naan is not “just” flatbread. The flatbread is so delicious to eat. It is really soft, pillowy, full of lovely bubbles and so extremely versatile.

Naan Kabab is a dish from another region buy now it has become our traditional Bangladeshi foods also! We take naan with BBQ chicken, naan with beef kabab, and naan with various kabab.

It’s so much delicious food. We sometimes take kabab with paratha too! This can be an amazing new year’s eve food.

Naan kabab must have Bangladeshi traditional food on new year eve, one of the new year eve traditional foods



Tehari is a Mughal dish which contains soft meat piece. It is a traditional food and people like to eat so much. And the last one is tehari. It is made of beef. Tehari has a nice aroma as there is beef on it. You can make it so quickly if you have rice and beef in your fridge.

It is very delicious food. We eat tehari mainly on various occasions, but we can also eat tehari for the celebration of the new year. It can be a must-have food for celebration of new year’s eve also!

tehari new year ve foods, traditional food for new year eve celebration,tehari traditional bangladeshi food

So, This is my new year post for everyone! The new year brings new hope, new happiness for everyone. So, people love to welcome the new year warmly. Bangladesh also participates and celebrates new year’s eve amazingly.

These four must-have traditional Bangladeshi dishes you cant try on new year’s eve instead of western foods. Traditional foods can be your new year’s eve foods. you can take Here, I describe 4 traditional Bangladeshi foods for the new year’s eve celebration. We can change new years eve food traditions. Happy new year to everyone, These foods will bring happiness in your home. I hope you will like my suggestions. 

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