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Fariah Ahsan Rasha

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    What is the minimum time for working the effect of SEO?2020-11-20T19:50:58+00:00

    It will need minimum 3 months for getting the effect of SEO. It really depends on the keyword difficulty.

    Can I stop SEO service , when I want?2020-11-20T19:57:02+00:00

    Yes, you can if you want. anytime! But my suggestion is not to do that. SEO is always a long term marketing plan. Ranking a website normally takes 3-12 months (depends on the keywords).

    How long does it take to rank on Search Engine?2020-11-20T19:56:23+00:00

    Normally, it takes 3-12 months to rank the websites. It mainly depends on target keyword(s).

    If I need content writing service, can i get that from you?2020-11-20T20:00:26+00:00

    Yes, Of course. In that case, I need to outsource the writer according to your need.

    How Can I Track My Current Rankings, and Its Improvements?2020-11-20T20:04:57+00:00

    I will provide you weekly report. A monthly report of progress will also be provided.

    What’s Included in a Monthly Report?2020-11-20T20:07:06+00:00

    You will receive monthly updates of your current SEO status. The monthly reports will keep you updated frequently. The reports will show your search engine rankings per keyword, and what we need to do in order to better your SEO initiatives.

    Do you give the guarantee of ranking?2020-11-20T20:12:26+00:00

    No, As there are google algorithms working in various ways in different time. So, I don’t give the guarantee of ranking, I give the guarantee of improvement.


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